The History of Two Piers…

Two Piers Housing Co-operative began in 1978, when our founder Brenda Boardman realised the need for single parent housing in Brighton. Co-ops were still fairly new and there was no development agency in Brighton, so we joined one of the first Secondaries in the country, the Society for Co-operative Dwellings, based in Stockwell. Two Piers was registered as a housing association in 1979.

Two Piers was one of the founding co-ops of the Confederation of Co-operative Housing, which replaced the old National Federation of Housing Co-ops in 1993. Two Piers made several hefty contributions towards the founding of the CCH, and we spent many months stuffing envelopes to gather the movement together again after the NFHC folded. With the Bonus Rent money we acquired the Co-op loaned start up funds to register new co-ops, which grew into the local network, Co-operative Housing in Brighton & Hove (CHIBAH).

Two Piers continually evolves, the membership changes, the ambience transforms, always on a learning curve, but we’re still here! Long live co-operative housing, long live Two Piers!

Testimonials from the Two Piers residents

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