How to join us…

How do I become a member and tenant of Two Piers? A full beginners guide to the co-op and the Applicant’s Form can be downloaded from here:

Stage 1: Applicant (“pipeliner”)

1.   Go to a New Applicants meeting. These are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm except for dates where the first Wednesday falls on New Years Day when the applicants meeting would be on the following Wednesday.

Ring the buzzer, then walk through the building and out into the garden. The gazebo is just there on your right. The Applicants Secretary will explain how Two Piers works, and how to become a member. You will be given a new members form, that you must bring to all the meetings you attend. You need to get it signed by the Convenor of each meeting to prove that you have attended. You now have six months to attend the required number of Management Group meetings (the quicker you get on with it, the sooner you can apply for vacancies!)

2.   Attend each of the six following management meetings: Treasury, Maintenance, Development, Welfare, Co-ordination, Allocations (bring your new members form to sign!) This will give you an idea of how we run the Co-op and you will thereby discover some of Two Piers flats and houses, where some meetings may happen (they don’t all happen in the gazebo)

3.   The last meeting you need to attend is the Allocation Group. Bring your New member’s form to prove that you have attended all other meetings. Then the allocation group will vote you in, and you will be asked to pay £1 for your membership. Welcome!

Stage 2: Prospective Tenant Member (PTM)

1.  Continue to attend a minimum of one management meeting a month, and all Special General Meetings. If you can’t attend, get in touch with the convenor or someone going to the meeting so they can transmit your apologies. You can now vote on all proposals made, and become a more active member, if you wish, by taking on a role within the co-op.

2.  Check website or read newsletter to look out for vacancies

3.  Apply for vacancies!

Stage 3: Housed Member

1.  See the membership secretary and sign your tenancy agreement.

2.  Get your rent card from the rent treasurer

3.  Set up a direct debit to pay your rent!! This will make your life and everybody else’s easier…

4.  If you want to paint your room, get a Paint Form from the Maintenance Convenor.

Ongoing participation requirements

As a Two Piers member you will need to attend a minimum of one meeting a month, plus all Special General Meetings. If you can’t attend, get in touch with the convener or someone going to the meeting so they can transmit your apologies. If you miss meetings the following will happen:

1.  If you miss two meetings in a row, the Participation Officer will send you a letter offering help and advice, and informing you about getting a moratorium.

2.  If you do not reply and/or miss a third meeting, a second letter will warn you the possible termination of your membership at a Special General Meeting.

3.  If you have not attended four meetings in a row, you will receive a third letter notifying you of the SGM.